A New Concept of Karma

Karma is the term for the eastern concept of cause and effect, or “do good and you will be rewarded with good later on” or “do bad and you will be rewarded with bad later on” philosophy. And as many professionals in the fields of psychology, anthropology and human behavior claim, this is one of two basic traits that separate us from all other animals – the ability to believe in our invested funds for retirement and the concept of the afterlife. But have you ever look at the concept of karma from another perspective?

There is always something to be afraid of

The western civilization was raised upon Christianity principals, and one of those main principals was the belief in heaven and hell, which have caused many political and personal and very dramatic events for centuries. Good people, who behaved in accordance with religious rules, would go to heaven once they die, while the bad people will suffer through many circles of hell. And some of the very important artworks revolved around those ideas for a long time, too. Heaven was something very appealing, and hell was something very tangible and waiting for each “sinner” without exception.

At the same time, the eastern part of this planet was under the strong Buddhist and Hindi religions and their concept of afterlife “reward” wasn’t just out there high in the sky or deep in the earth, but it was put on the side to germinate right when the next life or the incarnation takes place.

Since the karma happens all the time, from the dawn of the complete life on this planet, or perhaps on other planets in this Universe as well, and it will last until the end of the world or until some soul achieves the “moksha” or salvation, this concept served and still serves, very usefully to explain everything that could go wrong in a person’s life.

You bang your head – it’s your karma. Someone attacked you on the street – bad karma. You had to divorce – you see, you left that person in the previous life and now, in this life, it’s your turn to suffer. Karma is the easiest explanation there is under heaven if heaven exists.

Karma also applies to families and their generations, and the whole countries or nations. So, if you were born in a certain family or geographic location, this is your dear karma too. And you will have to deal with the consequences cast upon you by the deeds of your ancestors or some ancient kings which have ruled over your particular nation.

Modern times – modern fears

As the general canonic belief system began to soften in the western part of the world, at the same time eastern philosophies came in carried mainly in the minds of educated travelers and “influencers” of the past two centuries. Although it sounded very exotic in the beginning, the concept of karma is now so deeply installed, that even Christian officials use this term frequently.

Karma is just here and it managed to extrude the concept of heaven and hell since this concept didn’t flow so smoothly with the desire for eternal life, we, as ego-driven westerners, must have. The promise of a nice place in the clouds couldn’t appeal to us, because this place could be the most beautiful place there is, but it will still mark the end of our physical life and beginning of something (?).

On the other side, the idea that you can have another chance to live, and another and another, seems way more calming, promising the eternal number of attempts to achieve perfection, or at least, become bored with life in general.

No karma – no problem approach

However, the concept of karma is directly related to the concept of linear time. And having in mind the achievements of modern physics, especially the principals of quantum mechanics and the whole new philosophy direction derived from those sciences, we can now operate with the idea of non-linear time, multiple universes and numerous dimensions.

Now, from this point of view of non-linear time, did you ever ask yourself are your experiences derived from some “previous” life truly something from the past, or you are living all of your lives at once? This could be something hard to grasp in the beginning, but follow up and just think about it.

What if a person chooses to die from hunger in one life, and overweight related disease in the parallel life. What if someone dies from cancer in one life and from boredom in the parallel life? In poverty in one, and wealth in another life? And those coupled questions could go endlessly.

What if all lives happen all at once and in all universes as the part of the Multiverse or as the part of the God’s, Universal force’s, or call it whatever you like, game, or “Maya” – the illusion. More infos under online-psychics.info.

What if we have to go through all sorts of experiences to be able to become whole, to become truly enlightened through the all highs and lows life can offer to us? And to become aware that each of us is the God or the Universal force because we are obviously the part of it. And the part is the whole, or resembles the whole, as our new physic shows us.

This concept might be a bit dangerous because now there is no one to blame when we get sick or a loved one leaves us with some “bimbo”. Or it could become truly dangerous for those who are dancing on the edge of morality and committing a crime. But it exists and it can initiate some very serious and unpleasant discussions between philosophers and priests, for sure.

In any case, even if this concept seems very obvious to you, and even if it wipes out some established canonic religious rules, it should serve you to become a better human being, not the worse one, because we will never know what is truly on the other side until we reach to that place once we die.